Guess who’s back?

January 21st, 2011

Bombay Bronx is coming back for 2011. After a break of 16 months it’s time to resurrect the beast that was THE only asian clubnight for the true heads. I am currently talking to an intimate club in central London, one that will totally get the Bombay Bronx ethos and be small enough to mean that not everyone will be able to get in.  It’s back to basics, invited peeps who are coming to have their minds expanded by music spun by innovative DJs who know how to rock a party.  I’ll be bringing my Radio 1 show alive with live performances from artists that I am excited by and new names that you may not of heard of. So when Bombay Bronx returns in 2011 make sure you keep your ear to the ground, get garmed up and bring open ears an open mind and plenty of stamina.

Nihal – lying on my bed typing this while hoping my laptop won’t seriously impair my ability to have more  children

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  1. Zilia says:

    Very excited about this, let’s hope the mojitos live up to Notting Hill’s!

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